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Roca Modular Homes

Durable Mobile Homes in Alberta

When it comes to housing, you have options. You can rent an apartment or a house, or you can buy and be the owner of where you live, paying what you would have been throwing away on rent towards the equity of your home. If you are interested in owning your own home but feel that a traditional home or condo is out of your desired budget, perhaps it’s time to look at modular home prices. Roca Modular Homes offers beautiful housing alternatives to renting – and we’ve been in the business for decades! We offer modular homes and mobile homes in Alberta as an affordable alternative for housing.


An important product of Roca Modular Homes is mobile homes. For those who are constantly changing their location and cannot stick to one particular place, mobile homes are their best bet. Not only do they extend complete flexibility, but they are also cost-effective. You can get more space along with easy access to homeownership! Choose mobile homes in Alberta from Roca Modular Homes now.

Affordability with Modular Home Prices in Alberta

At Roca Modular Homes, we understand that pricing plays a huge role in deciding on homeownership. You may be thinking that building any type of home would break the bank, but modular home prices in Alberta are often surprisingly affordable for homeowner hopefuls. As the home building industry adapts and advances, the modular home model becomes even more precise, high in quality, and attractive to homeowners looking to get into their new home as soon as possible. A modular home is built much faster than a traditional stick-built home which greatly lowers what you pay: less labour and time on the job means lowered fees and lowered financial risk!

Factors That Determine Modular Home Prices in Alberta

Due to the customizability of modular homes, it is nearly impossible to give an exact figure. There are several things that one must consider when calculating modular home prices in Alberta. You must factor in:

Cost of land
Where you live is up to you when you build a modular home. This means that depending on the location, size, and price of your land plot, all-in land and modular home prices can vary drastically.
Home plan price
As you plan your future home, you’ll be able to browse through many floor plans to choose the one that best fits your wants and needs. These plans usually come with a base price or a price that does not include customization.
If you have that dream home already envisioned in your mind, our modular home plans can be customized to fit your wants and needs. Overall investment prices will vary depending on the amount of customizing you choose to include.
Site preparation
The amount of preparation a site needs prior to building a modular home varies depending on the location. To prepare a site for a modular home, the site will need to have the necessary permits, the boundaries marked, the land cleared and levelled, the right foundation put in, the utilities planned for, and preparation for receiving your home’s delivery.
Fees and taxes
Depending upon the location of your land plot and future home, there will be varying taxes and fees required for new home builders.
On-site finishing and building
Once your home is in place, it’s time to do the polishing up. This includes connecting modules, repairing any damages, finishing the interior, finishing any unfinished areas, and even building on extra customizations you may want, like a porch or garage.

We also provide cost-effective prefabricated homes. Reach out to us to know more.

Contact Us Today

At Roca Modular Homes, we pride ourselves on our product and our customer service. If you have questions about modular home prices, we’d love to chat with you. Give us a call today to know more about mobile homes in Alberta!

High-quality Manufactured Homes in Alberta

Roca Modular Homes wants you to make an informed choice about one of the most important purchases of your life. We invite you to view the following brochures from our suppliers at Triple M Housing. If you have any questions about our selection of pre-manufactured homes, please give us a call. We are happy to help you find a new pre-manufactured home in Alberta that meets your budget and dreams.

Learn about the Triple M Housing warranty, construction practices, energy-efficient features and more. Roca Modular Homes is proud to offer building materials from Triple M Housing, a leading Canadian designer and manufacturer of factory-engineered housing in Lethbridge. Since 1981, Triple M has grown into a company with a staff of over 400 employees and memberships in many respected trade organizations, including:

Energy Star® participant for new homes
Built Green® builders in Alberta
Modular Housing Association (MHA)
Canadian Manufactured Housing Institute (CMHI)
Canadian Homebuilders Association

Find out what you need to know about purchasing pre-manufactured homes from Triple M Housing. Instead of the old-fashioned on-site construction, they use an engineered method to build a home. Most of the work is prefabricated in a clean, dry, climate-controlled factory. By building homes on an assembly line, they can guarantee a consistent product with higher efficiency and quality control. From design and manufacturing to loading and transport, every step is monitored and inspected by both the Triple M quality control department and Canadian Standards Association inspectors. Learn more about buying a new pre-manufactured home in Alberta from Triple M Housing from their Home Guide, including:

Transportation of modules
Assembly and construction
Saving time and money

A modular home from Triple M Housing is as sturdy as or sturdier than a stick-built house because of the construction and energy efficiency features incorporated into every wall. See what a Dura-built Wall System adds to the value of your home, including:

Header design to allow insulation and reduce thermal bridging
Wall design to allow a continuous vapour barrier
Exterior wall design to allow extra insulation around windows
Exterior sheathing stapled and glued to studs and belt rails
Sheathing that laps the floor framing and roof perimeter

Energy Star® for new homes in Canada gives you the energy savings advantage of approximately 20%. In addition to being a successful green building program, Energy Star® makes your home more comfortable for your family now and more attractive to buyers in the future. Triple M Housing is proud to be an Energy Star® home builder with these advantages:

More insulation than required by building codes
Energy-efficient windows and doors
Efficient systems and construction throughout

A Triple M home gives you the manufactured home industry’s first 20-year warranty on the entire structure. Triple M fully protects your home against any defects in materials or workmanship during your first year of ownership as well.

Modular homes are assembled using prefabricated modules. The modules are almost box-like portions of a house that are brought in on the back of a truck and then lifted, lowered into place, and assembled using a crane. The modules are then secured together to form one structure. Though the construction process is simple, follow the link above to explore the wide variety of designs to make your Triple M modular home one of a kind.

With space up to 1,680 square feet for a family home or as little as 800 square feet for a cottage, Triple M Housing manufactured homes have floor plans to meet every expectation and budget. Beautiful permanent structures with a high resale value, you’ll be able to customize your new pre-manufactured home in Alberta inside and out. Triple M even offers a special kitchen with unique layouts and high-end features.

Get in touch with us for all your questions related to manufactured homes in Alberta. Our representatives will get back to you as soon as possible.

Find Your New Home with Us

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