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Roca Modular Homes

Why We Produce the Top Modular Houses in Alberta

20 year warranty-TMH

A Comprehensive 20 Year Structural Warranty!

Roca Modular Homes and Triple M Housing are pleased to offer an industry-leading 20-year structural warranty to our customers. When we work, our primary focus is on using high-quality materials that will ensure a long life to your purchase. Our quality and workmanship allow our customers to have peace of mind while doing the significant expenditure of buying a house.

Our team is made up of people who call the beautiful province of Alberta their home. As members of the community, our reputation is important to us, which is why we constantly strive to achieve your total satisfaction in everything we do. For more information on modular houses in Alberta, contact our team today.

Modular Houses from an Alberta Area Builder

Roca Modular Homes is Alberta-owned and operated with our headquarters in Stony Plain. As members of the Alberta area community, we are proud of our local reputation for craftsmanship and integrity. When you choose Roca Modular Homes, you’ll benefit from a company that manufactures quality modular houses and truly cares about the housing needs of your community. Our entire staff is service-oriented and committed to helping you choose a new home that you will enjoy for years to come.

Triple M Housing Quality with a 20-year Structural Warranty

The Roca Modular Homes team is proud to use building material from Triple M Housing, an Alberta modular housing manufacturer based in Lethbridge. We’ve used Triple M’s products for more than 30 years, and we stand by Triple M’s 20-year warranty for your entire structure. Known for workmanship and high standards, Triple M Housing provides outstanding materials that give you a safe, solid and comfortable home. Roca Modular Homes gives you a budget-friendly modular house with the added benefits of custom design options and energy-efficient construction.

The Advantages of a Triple M Modular Home

Purchasing a factory-engineered modular home is more than just a more economical option than purchasing a traditional site-built home. Modular or pre-manufactured houses give buyers other benefits that add value before a new home reaches their site. These advantages include:

Same materials as site-built homes
Prefabrication in a dry, environmentally controlled factory
Quality manufacturing by skilled, permanent employees
In-house design, engineering and fabrication
No weather delays or extra costs for damaged or stolen materials
Meet or exceed local building codes

Custom Design with Cost Savings

A modular house from Roca Modular Homes is definitely not a cookie-cutter copy of every house on the block. Your new Triple M home was created by professional designers, engineers and tradespeople. The result is a selection of elements that let you make a modular house your home.

You also have a house that is better constructed and more cost-effective than many traditionally built homes. Consult us to learn how you will save on maintenance and energy in your modular house with features such as:

Extra framing for added strength in transport and construction
Strong structure to handle far in excess of typical Alberta snow loads
High R-value insulation for roofs, exterior walls and floors
Other insulation options available
Standard double-glazed, low-emissivity windows with other options
Continuous wall vapour barrier and electrical boxes wrapped in vapour barrier

You Have Options: Custom Exteriors and Interiors

Roca Modular Homes goes beyond the plain sameness you often get with other affordable housing options. You can have comfort, savings and individuality when you customize your manufactured or modular home with us. Start with flexible design options and the perfect square footage to fit your lot size and lifestyle. Then create your curb appeal with your choice of exterior finishes and features. The interior of your new home is yours to customize to fit your personal taste and budget. From floor plans and kitchen designs to floor coverings and wall colours, we give you the top décor choices for modular houses in Alberta.

Professional Achievements

We are proud to have received the prestigious National Award for Housing Excellence and are an official Triple M distributor.

National Award for Housing Excellence,
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