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Indigenous Housing Solutions for Alberta Homeowners

Looking for sustainable indigenous housing solutions in Alberta? Roca Modular Homes has just what you are looking for. For over three decades, we have served the area and are well aware of the culture and the geography. This allows us to give you a durable, modern and good-looking house. We work with leading brands like Triple M Housing and supply high-quality modular homes that are highly customizable and last for a long time.  

Experience Counts!

We have served the Alberta region since 1984 and have helped many communities find a home. We can work hand in hand with your chief, housing manager or council to find the options that can serve your requirements. There have also been multiple projects where we have worked with families directly on a home that is customized to its every inch. If you desire, you can even upgrade your home in the future to add more functionality or space.

We Understand the People

We understand the special sentiments, sensitivities and different cultures of on-reserve or indigenous communities. While working on such projects, we make sure that every necessary step is taken and everything is in accordance with the community’s requirements. Our housing team takes into consideration the relationship with the land and can create solutions that are modern while also being non-invasive.

Eco-friendly Housing Solutions

Modular constructions usually create 43% less CO2 emissions and are much more eco-friendly. Our efficient construction standards ensure that none of the resources are being wasted and the carbon footprint is low.

We build energy-efficient houses that even require lower maintenance when compared to conventional housing solutions. This helps you save a lot of money while also being low CO2 emissions.

Indigenous Housing Solutions for You and Your Family

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