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Cost-effective Prefabricated Homes in Alberta

While there is often a misconception about the “cookie-cutter” quality of prefab homes, the advancements in customizability and aesthetic appeal have the popularity of these types of homes ever-rising! “Prefab home” is a rather broad term that can refer to different kinds of homes, including modular and panel-built homes. Prefab is simply short for prefabricated, meaning that portions of the structure were built in a factory rather than having supplies brought in and a structure built on the job site. In other words, prefabricated homes are built in sections in a home building facility and then moved to a home site to be assembled. 

For modular homes, the home is assembled using prefabricated modules. The modules are almost box-like portions of a house that are brought in on the back of a truck and then lifted, lowered into place, and assembled using a crane. The modules are then secured together to form one structure. In the early days of modular homes, the homes had to be specific sizes in order to be transported. As the industry grows and advances, modular homes are becoming much more customizable per the homeowner’s desires and needs.

Panel-built homes are created when the walls and floors of a home are brought in from a factory. A panel-built home is started by laying the floor, then using a crane to lower the panels, or each section of the walls, into place one at a time. If a homeowner has an idea in mind for a home that does not work well with the module option, a panel-built prefab allows for more customization.

Benefits of Owning Prefab Homes in Alberta

Prefab homes provide all kinds of great benefits for homeowners. If you are tired of living in an apartment and paying excessive rent money without building any personal equity, consider the following benefits of prefab homes in Alberta:

Quick construction
Traditional stick-built homes can take months to complete. By the time the materials arrive at your future prefab home’s site, most of the engineering and building would already be complete. Once the panels or modules arrive at your future doorstep, all that’s left is to assemble the pieces and hook them up to utilities.
Because prefab homes have such a quick construction time, you end up saving on the cost of labour. While the cost of your prefab home will depend on your preferences and the level of customization, you can compare the costs of prefab homes with those of buying a traditional, pre-existing stick-built home and see that you will come out ahead in the end.
Prefab homes are not limited to the doublewides of yesteryear. The ability to combine modules and panels to create the look the homeowners truly want allows for prefab homes to be customized per taste and preference. Take a look at our gallery to see for yourself.
Many people may look down their noses at prefab homes, but these days, there’s no question that prefab homes are high in quality. While early efforts in prefab homes may have had axles and chassis, prefab homes of today are sturdy, engineered, and well-built by professionals in factories that have the process down pat.

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