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Roca Modular Homes

Spacious and Comfortable Mobile Offices and Classrooms in Alberta

Do you want a space to run your classes while the school is being renovated? Or are you a business owner who wants a mobile workspace for your business? Whatever your requirements are, Roca Modular Homes can help you get mobile offices and classrooms in Alberta. Our team has over three decades of experience working in the housing industry and has dealt with many different clients. Reach out to us for more details or in case you have any questions.

What We Offer

We have mobile housing and workspace solutions for all requirements - large and small. Our team understands the customers and helps them choose the right option. The quality of your space and its durability will always be ensured by us.

Have a look at what we offer:

Mobile classrooms
Our mobile classrooms give you the freedom to customize the space and set it up to your exact requirements. We have classrooms of all sizes so that you and your students have complete comfort while learning. From pre-schools to universities, Roca Modular Homes has got you covered. If you need guidance while selecting the right classroom for you, contact us, and our representatives will happily help you.
Mobile offices
Looking for a temporary workspace for your business? Roca Modular Homes has solutions that can cater to your needs, thanks to our selection of mobile workspace options. From small trailers to large complexes, we can cover all your requirements. You can always discuss the specifications with our representatives, and they will let you know what option will suit you. We offer these mobile office spaces on rent for short or long term and even on a lease, depending on what you want.
We have many products that can help you with your mobile office needs. Have a look below to see our different offerings for mobile offices:
If you are looking for a temporary workspace, office trailers are a great option
Portable sales offices are highly customizable and attractive on-site mobile workspaces that are tailored to your specific requirements
For on-site temporary solutions required for storage or office purposes, our ground-level offices are great
A modular complex can be a good option if you have a big team and want a bigger space. These are large spaces that can accommodate a big group and can be upgraded easily

See our available plans for mobile classrooms, worksites and offices here.

Want a Mobile Workspace?

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