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Roca Modular Homes

We Make It Easier for You to Own Modular Homes in Alberta

Housing solutions around the world are evolving, and we, at Roca Modular Homes, try to stay up-to-date with the latest trends. Our manufactured and modular homes in Alberta can be an excellent investment if you want to buy your first house. Our team prides our attention to detail and high-quality work. We don’t just give you a house; we help you make your house feel like a home with our construction and maintenance services. 

Our team has received a National Award for Housing Excellence, thanks to our commitment and dedication to quality!

National Award for Housing Excellence,

Why Modular Homes?

We are an exclusive dealer of Triple M Housing, a company known for high-quality housing solutions. This partnership allows us to offer a wide range of Canadian-built homes within your budget.

With a modular home, you get:

Quick construction
We use factory-made products and fabricated methods in partnership with our official distributors. This allows us to work even in unfavourable weather conditions and deliver your house much quicker as compared to traditional homes.
Modular homes have a much lesser carbon footprint when compared to other traditional housing solutions. Their construction involves minimal dust and pollution as they are put together from scratch using the prefabricated parts from our suppliers.
Affordable living
Our homes are a great option for those looking for budget buys. They are cheaper than traditional homes while being more affordable in terms of purchase, maintenance and overall costs related to owning a space.
Flexible design options
Be it exterior or interior, our modular homes are highly customizable. This allows you complete creative freedom while designing, modifying or upgrading your home.
Structural warranty
Our supplier, Triple M Housing, offers the industry’s first 20 years structural warranty.
Controlled quality
Our homes are built inside state-of-the-art factories under strict quality restrictions. We use products from Triple M Housing, which is a well-known name among modular home manufacturers.

These are just a few of our many homes designed specifically for Alberta. Please see all of our available plans here.

Why Choose Roca Modular Homes?

With 30 years of experience in the industry, we have a good insight into the needs and requirements of our customers. We aim to make our customers feel comfortable in their new homes. With us, you can get:

Manufactured homes
Recreational homes
Modular homes
Warranty service
Commercial buildings

We pride ourselves on the manufactured and modular homes we build. Fill out the e-form on our contact page to let us know what you are looking for. Feel free to stop by to have a look at our show homes.

Check Our Stunning Modular Homes

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