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There's a good chance that you've been hearing the term "Modular homes" more often over the last few years. Modular homes in Edmonton from dealers such as Roca Modular Homes have been steadily growing in popularity, and for many good reasons. Modular homes are certainly a hot new fad, but do they also represent a more enduring shift to different types of housing?

Traditional home building is carried out using methods that manufacturing industries left behind long ago, constructing homes on the property where they will remain. Edmonton Modular home builders have taken a cue from successful manufacturing techniques and instead assemble their homes inside climate-controlled factories in a series of individual modules. The modules are then transported to the home's intended site, where they are attached to one another, to the foundation, and to utilities.

Modular homes can be built at a much faster rate than traditional homes. Climate-controlled facilities allow for year-round work, with no need to worry about the effect that the elements might have on tools and building materials. Factories helped revolutionize manufacturing, and they are doing the same for home building.

Faster construction times contribute to much lower Edmonton modular home prices that the prices of traditional homes. The ability to save on the costs of tools and materials and build homes in a fraction of the time allows for the opportunity of home ownership at a fraction of the price. In a time when many people cannot imagine shouldering the costs of traditional home ownership, Modular homes are offering an effective solution.

Furthermore, just because Modular homes in Edmonton are cheaper doesn't mean that they lack anything in quality. On the contrary, the carefully controlled methods used in the manufacturing of Modular homes ensure that each home is built with an eye for quality construction and skilled craftsmanship and also have a 20 year structural warranty.

Additionally, though you may assume that Modular homes all come out as cookie-cutter copies of one another, these homes are actually incredibly customizable. The interior of a Modular home can be completed with your choice of colors, flooring options, appliances, fixtures, kitchen cabinets, and more. You can also choose unique exterior finishes to help your home stand out.

To the casual observer Modular homes might seem like a fad. But, to those who take the time to look and see all of the problems that factory-made, modular homes provide a solution for, Modular homes begin to look a lot like the potential future of housing. There is a clear desire among Albertans for a change in the path to home ownership.

If you're looking for quality, customizable living and affordable modular home prices in Edmonton, then Roca Modular Homes has a fantastic selection for you. Our homes offer everything you need for comfort and convenience, including full bathrooms, full kitchens, and spacious open floor plans.

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